Welcome to Original Depler

From the vinatge artwork of Constance Depler® Coleman, we have Barware Glasses:High Balls, Old Fashions & Wine; Ice Buckets;Cotton Tea Towels, Cocktail Napkins & Coasters,Flasks, Giclee Prints, Purses, Wallets. Our animal Characters (mainly dogs, cats, horses, reindeer and crows) with their human traits add flair & fun to these everyday items. These include the famous Bar Hounds® characters, dancing Hep Hounds, Baseball Hounds, Holiday Santa and Reindeeer, Horses at the track placing bets, Poodles golfing and a whole host of fun & retro scenes! Every year will bring new Depler products and designs to delight, produce smiles and remind us that life should be fun and full of laughter.

Orginal Depler® products are manufactured in the USA unless otherwise noted.

Orginal Depler Dog Image