About the Artist

At age 16, her father's close friend, Trader Vic, introduced Constance Depler Coleman to her first cocktail, a White Russian, and this is where the inspiration began.

Skip forward a few years to a smoke-filled bar in Carmel, CA.  It was the 1950s, when Depler began gaining recognition which led to her becoming the well known pet portrait artist she is today.  While enjoying drinks with friends, including the famous artist Mark Rothko, she started sketching people as various breeds of dogs that she depicted from their unique personalities.  From these inspirations, her path was set.

While attending art school in San Francisco, she worked several jobs in retail, one of which led to her artwork (bar hounds TM, reindeer and the hung-over crows) being reproduced on wallpaper, cocktail napkins, playing cards - all of which have now become rare collector items. Additionally, she was commissioned by various celebrities, political figures and professional athletes to create portraits of their pets.

Her most famous works include:

"Bar HoundsTM" - A "typical' bar scene of hounds out for an evening of fun, friends, dates and drinking.

"Hep Hounds" - A high-society dance where the hounds are kicking up their paws and dancing the night away.

"Baseball Hounds" - This team is full of characters and fun!

Though these are not all of the DeplerTM collections, this brings us to where we are today:

Depler is in her mid-80's and still creating, traveling, painting and enjoying cocktails with her friends. Growing up, Amanda Coleman Voss, her daughter, remembers the play pen next to her mother's drawing board surrounded by their numerous family pets - dogs, cats and even a raccoon!

Today is a new beginning for Depler's designs; Amanda is producing her mother's art on new products that you can see on this website, and she looks forward to sharing them with you.  Every year will bring new DeplerTM products and designs to delight, produce smiles, and remind us that life should be fun and full of laughter.

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